Tyres & Glass

Here at AD Williams we will make sure your vehicles' tyres and windscreen glass are in good, working condition and safe to drive.

Replacement Tyres & Windscreen Glass

Did you know that the legal limit for tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, but most manufacturers recommend changing at 3mm tread depth?  

With the changeable UK weather climate, it’s essential to keep an eye on your tyres, to ensure you can stop quickly and safely when the need arises.

AD Williams centres can provide a comprehensive replacement, fitting and tyre repair service. We offer an extensive range of tyres including performance low profile, 4x4, run flats and budget tyres.

Replacement Windscreen Glass

Believe it or not, your windscreen is integral to your whole car’s structure and, the quality of car glass fitted can compromise your car’s security. That’s why we only use glass made to your car manufacturer’s standard.

AD Williams can carry out glass repair work to your car while it’s in with us for bodywork. No matter what make or model your car is, we can replace any piece of glass on it quickly, and cost effectively.

Replacement Windscreen Glass
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